Arcada's nursing programme best in Finland 

Published: 2021-03-29 / Education

Arcada's nursing students are the most satisfied with their education in a comparison between the Finnish universities of applied sciences. This is shown by the AVOP survey 2020, a response survey for students at the universities of applied sciences who are in the final stages of their studies. 

The nursing programme's AVOP score has had a clear positive trend since 2015, and is ranked number one among the universities of applied sciences in Finland in 2020. The survey shows that Arcada's nursing students were satisfied with, among other things, support in career planning and how their practical training supported their knowledge.  

– Arcada's nurse education is rooted in healthcare science, while the studies also contain important knowledge from several related science areas. This promotes students' sense of their own professional identity and contributes to their ability to collaborate in interprofessional teams and to consider diversity and multiculturalism, says Jari Savolainen, Degree programme Director of Arcada's Swedish-language nursing programme. 

In 2020, a record number of new nursing students began their studies at Arcada. Arcada has consciously advocated initiatives that broaden the range of nursing programmes, among other things by starting a Finnish-Swedish bilingual nursing programme last year together with Diak University of Applied Sciences. Arcada also offers flexible study options, such as the top-up programme for nurses who have already obtained their nursing degree in another country. 

– Our nursing programmes are clearly nationally competitive. We offer an education that protects the basic values ​​of healthcare but is integrated with modern society. Arcada's alumni are ready to take on today's ever-changing opportunities and challenges in the healthcare sector, both nationally, on a Nordic level and internationally, says Savolainen.