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Research, development and innovation at Arcada

Arcada provides an innovative environment with a focus on research-based innovation in the business and public sectors, and with a strong interaction between teaching and research. The need for continuous and deep collaboration between education and research is needed, e.g. to prepare students for a knowledge-based, rapidly changing working life, where students also need to have the capability and knowledge to create their own workplaces.

Arcada's core fields of research include: Artificial Intelligence, Health and Welfare and Circular Economy. We have exciting research programs that dive into AI driven Health and Welfare, Social and Humanoid robotics as well different research projects involving Nordic, Baltic and international partners. 

Arcada collaborates with both national and international partners in order to answer to the future needs of circular technology competence and sustainability. In the area of Culture and Media, we are participating in a Horizon 2020 project, ReInHerit and we have a long lasting research program in Media and Education.