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Research permission

A research permission is always needed where students or staff are informants or objects of research. The research permission is approved by the Vice rector for Research.

Research permission application

Application form for research permission (link)

Please submit the following enclosures with the form:

  • Research plan
  • Information intended to informants (covering letter and consent form)
  • Questionnaire or interview outline
  • Ethical pre-evaluation of research, if applicable
  • Data protection statement for scientific research (if data containing identifiers is gathered from participants)

The Application form and enclosures are to be sent to the Vice rector Henrika Franck as a pdf document.

The evaluation of the application takes 2-4 weeks. If the application has not been completed properly or if some attachments are missing, the process may be delayed. 

Approval of research permission 

The research permission is primarily granted for research and thesis work that contribute to the development of Arcada’s operations and to relevant national research. 

In case of a granted research permission, information concerning the research, contact details and a link to the research questionnaire will be published on the students and the staff intranet. E-mailing will only be used with special consideration and personal data will only be handed in exceptional circumstances. By limiting the use of personal data Arcada wants to secure the data protection of the students and the staff, ensure the validity of the research project and prevent research exhaustion.