Leende kvinna

Arcada has a wide range of services for both companies and organisations, but also for you as an individual. Do you want to take the next step in your career or find training opportunities for your staff? Or, are you hosting an event or perhaps have moved to Finland and looking for opportunities in Swedish?

As a multi-disciplinary university of applied sciences, we offer many different types of services. Are services include

  •     Tailor-made continuing education services
  •     Research collaboration
  •     Lab and testing services
  •     Guidance and career support
  •     Event services

In addition, our students can support your operations through for example

  •     Sales and marketing measures
  •     Product development and testing
  •     Market research and creation of commercialisation plans
  •     Development of digital services

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Continuing Education

Glad kvinna

At Arcada, we support companies and organsations to find the right skills development. Our programmes are planned in collaboration with you and tailored to your needs.

Labs and testing

Fönster på Arcada

Do you need to test a new product or carry out a simulation for educational purposes? Or do you want to increase your personal performance and want to know your maximum oxygen uptake capacity? At Arcada you will find versatile lab and test services!

Events and Venues

Arcada building

Arrange your event at Arcada! We offer versatile facilities and all-round services for any event - big or small. We have different types of spaces ranging from auditoriums, classrooms to cabinets and meeting rooms. All rooms are equipped with modern technology.

Collaborate with our researchers


We are at the forefront escpecially within circular economy, artificial intelligence and health technology development. If you are looking for a partner or a lab environment to develop a service or product, please contact us.



Do you need support with information retrevial, an oasis for creative thinking or access to the latest publications in your field? Arcada's library, our collections and services are open to everyone and we are happy to help you find your way in the information jungle!

Recruit a student

Studenter i klass

Let one of our students do the job for you and get a fresh perspective. Our students have the latest research-based knowledge and they are ready to take on new challenges. They can contribute with completely new angles and perspectives, not least our international degree students who can provide insight into a completely different culture.

Integration Support and Services

Student posing for camera

Arcada develops services for those who want to integrate with Swedish as their first language. Arcada's SIMHE status gives us the opportunity to support you along the way. The services will be developed in 2021.