Collaborate with us

We are constantly looking for new ways to collaborate with different actors in society.

Today, Arcada runs dozens of collaborative projects with organizations, businesses and municipalities. We aim to promote sustainability, there is an effort to promote sustainability and the surrounding society in all our collaboration - be it research and innovation or a degree project or an internship one of our students completes.

An important part of our mission is to drive development in society. We are ready to take on the challenge!

Partnership program

The purpose of our partnership program is to create long-term collaborations between working life and our degree programmes. To our partners we offer the opportunity to improve employer branding, build networks, connect with our students as well as visibility in our channels.

Recruit a student

Let one of our students do the job for you and get a fresh point of view. Our students have the latest research-based knowledge and they are ready to take on new challenges, contributing with completely new perspectives. Our international degree students can provide insight into a completely different culture.

Strategic Partnerships

Arcada enters into strategic partnerships with selected universities in the Nordic region and organisations in the community to promote the creation of joint education programmes and research projects.

International collaboration

Arcada builds Nordic cooperation for global relevance. The international dimension runs like a common thread through all operations.

Co-operation with agents

In order to strengthen and diversify our international student recruitment, Arcada co-operates with a number of student recruitments agencies located in different parts of the world.

Arcada Entrepreneurship Hub

You have an idea - we have the tools to bring it to life! Arcada Entrepreneurship Hub helps you identify and realise the next step on your entrepreneurial journey.

Practical training

Practical training is what makes a university of applied sciences (UAS) degree unique. At Arcada, all bachelor programmes have practical training periods as an integrated part of the degree. Everyone who studies with us gets a direct connection to their own industry and puts theory into practice by going out into working life already during their studies. The practical training allows students to apply their knowledge and skills while building networks and contacts. In the best case scenario, the practical training period opens up opportunities for employment and collaboration at a later stage of their studies when they complete their degree project.