Media Intelligence Laboratory: A new research initiative at Arcada

The development of data analytics and AI provides researchers with new opportunities to study media content. A new project for media analysis at Arcada starting in spring 2024 aims to harness the power of the new analytical tools, and to generate findings that will be analysed and interpreted in a context social research and theory.

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What we realised when we moved to Helsinki to study

Meet Chau and Phuong, two of Arcada’s International Business students who took a leap of faith and moved to Helsinki, Finland, from Vietnam to study at Arcada University of Applied Sciences.

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Healthcare Leadership – master's thesis topics and themes 2023

In the dynamic and ever-changing realm of healthcare, leadership on all levels is a critical and necessary aspect that is required to enable healthcare organisations to fulfil their purpose of caring for others and improving health status within societies (Ledlow, Bosworth & Maryon, 2023). Amidst the rapid technological changes, as well as the challenges in staff shortage and new working environments, the need for adaptive, visionary leadership is more critical than ever (Fagerdahl et al., 2022). Consequently, academic education and professional development on leadership topics, training and development are critical to enhancing healthcare leadership in practice, organisational and societal contexts (Marcellus et al., 2018).

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New technology and new perspectives on higher education

The digital environment in education is changing and educators need to update their competence. In this blog post, I will share some of my experiences and insights from a continuous education course called Open Networked Learning. I will start by explaining what Open Networked Learning is, then I will reflect on the changing teaching practices at the Master’s degree program in Media Management at Arcada, by relating to pedagogical theories such as Community of Inquiry and Digital Literacy, as well as to rising phenomena such as Generative AI, Information Overload and Digital Minimalism.

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Physiotherapy Students Shine at the CLASH OF CLANS Arctic Open

At Arcada University of Applied Sciences, students don't just focus on classroom learning; they embrace opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life situations. Recently, a group of physiotherapy students had the chance to do just that at the "CLASH OF CLANS Arctic Open," a large international badminton event. The event was a part of the badminton World Tour, featuring world´s Top Players, and took place in Vantaa Energia Arena, during 10.-15.10.2023. 

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Waiter please! The capable service robots Amy and Alex

In modern society we can find service robots deployed in various roles. The CASSIOPEIA research project has investigated the suitability of two service robots, Amy and Alex. The two robots have worked at the restaurant Prakticum, delivering food, desserts and appetisers. They have proven themselves to be quite capable, despite struggling to keep soup in a bowl. This blog post gives you the first reflective insights into our robot deployment study which we have been working on together with Prakticum.

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Fast Expert Teams as a method for addressing the complex issue of retaining international students in Finland

Attracting and retaining international students and graduates is a national priority in Finland. It is a complex issue requiring collaboration between multiple stakeholders nationally and regionally. The Fast Expert Teams (FET) method has been used for this purpose and this blog post expresses the results of one of the sub-teams working on this issue in the beginning of 2023. We will begin by describing the problem we aimed to solve and then explain the FET process and how we used it in this context. We then present the key characteristics, and discuss the outcomes, of our sub-team’s process.

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