Physiotherapy Students Shine at the CLASH OF CLANS Arctic Open

Published: 09.11.2023 / Blog

At Arcada University of Applied Sciences, students don't just focus on classroom learning; they embrace opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life situations. Recently, a group of physiotherapy students had the chance to do just that at the "CLASH OF CLANS Arctic Open," a large international badminton event. The event was a part of the badminton World Tour, featuring world´s Top Players, and took place in Vantaa Energia Arena, during 10.-15.10.2023. 

The event was a part of the badminton World Tour, featuring world´s Top Players, and took place in Vantaa Energia Arena, during 10.-15.10.2023.

Supporting Athletes and Promoting Health

The physiotherapy students took on an important role as on-site physiotherapists, working diligently to provide immediate care, injury prevention, as well as offering recovery treatments and ensuring physical well-being throughout the competition. Their designated area, known as the "Recovery and Warm-up Area," was an area aimed for players and officials seeking professional help.

For physiotherapy students, the participation was very educational as they got to practice their knowledge and skills to make decisions and act in an environment consisting of top athletes. Even the opportunity to see and work back-stage in such a large event, see what it all entails, gave many new lessons.

As a lecturer and Degree Programme Director for physiotherapy students, I could proudly watch and follow how the students took responsibility and had the readiness to act on any task that came their way. Whether it was a minor sprain, muscle tightness, or just aches from the intense matches, our physiotherapy students were there to administer immediate first aid. They had the knowledge and skills to quickly assess and treat injuries, ensuring that athletes could return to the game as soon as possible.

Praise from Participants and Organisers

The Physiotherapy students' contribution didn't go unnoticed. Both the athletes and the event organisers expressed their gratitude for the outstanding support provided by Arcada's students. The area and the activities there were highly appreciated and valued among the participants. “The Recovery Room received a lot of praise and only positive feedback from the players, they are said not to have been so well taken into account in any other tournament,” says Ville Valorinta, the CEO of Badminton Management Oy, the official organiser of the event.

Athletes competing in high-stress situations appreciated the reassurance of having expert care on-site, while the organisers found the collaboration with our students to be highly effective. As a result, we have already started discussions about the role of Arcada's physiotherapy students in next year's tournament as Finland will be hosting a HSBC BWF World Tour Super 500 tournament in 2023-2026.

Arcada: Future Professionals

The Clash of Clans Arctic Open provided a fantastic opportunity for Arcada's physiotherapy students to put their knowledge into action and showcase their potential as future healthcare professionals. Their performance also reflects the high-quality education and practical training they receive at our UAS. We are proud of our students' achievements and look forward to their continued success in their studies and beyond.

Text and pictures: Joachim Ring, Degree Programme Director, Physiotherapy

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