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New project to prevent problems with acid sulphate soils using a mobile app

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The new HaSuRiski project draws up risk maps of acid sulphate soils in Finland. Within the project, a prototype for a mobile application will be developed. The app uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to model the risk maps and will help experts plan land use in high-risk areas.

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Arcada and Prakticum are launching new career center 

A new career center will begin operations in Arabianranta, Helsinki next week. Karriärcenter Arabia, which is launched by Arcada, Prakticum and Sveps, will offer versatile councelling services in Swedish for young people and adults. 

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Arcada becomes shareholder in Funidata   

Ammattikorkeakoulu Arcada Funidatan omistaja-asiakkaaksi

Arcada is the first university of applied sciences to join Funidata Oy as a partner. As a shareholder, Arcada gets access to a new digital support system for teaching and studies. 

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A record number of Arcada graduates in 2020

Arcada utexaminerade rekordantal studenter 2020

Despite the fact that 2020 was an exceptional year with a transition to distance learning during the ongoing pandemic, a record number of students graduated from Arcada during the year. A total of 507 students completed their studies.

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