Integration Support and Services

Arcada develops services for those who want to integrate with Swedish as their first language. Arcada's SIMHE status gives us the opportunity to support you along the way. The services will be developed in 2021.

As of 2021, Arcada has the status of SIMHE institution. SIMHE stands for Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education. This means that we are tasked with developing guidance and services that support the integration of immigrants. It includes identifying appropriate educational and career paths as well as language studies, validation and supplementation of competence. Arcada has a special responsibility for developing services for those who want to integrate with Swedish as their first language.

The support for integration in Swedish is important not only for Arcada but for the whole of Finnish society.

Other higher education institutions with SIMHE services for those who wish to integrate with Finnish as their first language can be found here.  External link

Talent Boost 

SIMHE is part of the national Talent Boost programme. Talent Boost is a cross-administrative programme designed to boost the immigration and integration of senior specialists, employees, students and researchers. Among the measures taken are e.g. speeding up the residence permit application process, advancing the employment of international students, promote Swedish and Finnish language learning and increasing receptiveness and diversity in the workplace, developing support for spouses and providing mentorship programmes. 

Arcada’s Talent Boost service promise (to the Ministry of Education and Culture) 2021–2024 consists of measures for supporting the integration of students and researchers in the Finnish society and the Finnish labour market.