Vaisala ja Fiskars nostivat Arcadan varainkeruun yli 6,2 miljoonan euron

Vaisala and Fiskars hoist Arcada's fundraising over the MEUR 6.2 mark

Published: 24.01.2019 / Press release

The support from firms and businesses for Arcada's fundraising has been invaluable.  Fiskars contributed EUR 50,000 and Vaisala with EUR 20,000 to the campaign of Tomorrow’s Heroes - Made by Arcada, during the last weeks of the campaign. With the help of these donations, Arcada exceeded its goal and reached a total amount of over EUR 6.2 million.

Vaisala's donation to Arcada was made with the purpose of strengthening especially the education engineers, where there is an urgent need for experts in society. Fiskars vision is to influence people's lives in a positive and sustainable way by supporting education.

- We want to promote high-quality higher education. Fiskars Group's goal is to make everyday life unique and nurture the creativity of students within different fields, says Jaana Tuominen, CEO of Fiskars Group.

The support for the campaign and the outstanding result is the result of focused efforts. The Rector, the Campaign Manager and the Campaign Committee, appointed at the beginning of the year, have met and had talks with numerous foundations, associations and companies. Each donation is the result of a goal-oriented  and active relationship building.

- I am genuinely proud of our campaign and its results. We have surpassed our goal through a major effort from both staff, alumni, students, our external campaign committee and partners. I also want to extend yet another big thank you to each donor. Many of the companies are partners we have worked with and the commitment and trust they have showed us a solid foundation on which to build on, says Rector Mona Forsskåhl.

Campaign manager Susanna Grönblom couldn’t agree more.

- We are extremely grateful for the donations received from foundations and associations. Furthermore, it is great that so many companies, like Vaisala and Fiskars, have contributed. Our ambition is to establish several collaborative projects between companies and Arcada that can benefit all parties, says campaign manager Susanna Grönblom.

External funding is becoming increasingly important and Arcada's fundraising continues even after 2018. The UAS has clear ambitions to develop both its educational programs, its research and continuing education. In order to be at the forefront of development, offering Swedish-language education of the highest quality in the metropolitan area and belonging to the country's best universities of applied sciences, the support of both current and future donors is of the utmost importance.

- We do not see fundraising as a one off event. On the contrary, we will continue to develop the fundraising, with the aim of making it an integral part of Arcada's operations, says campaign manager Susanna Grönblom.

Arcada builds a unique knowledge centre with focus on health tech

Arcadas blivande fysioterapeuter bekantar sig med simuleringsmöjligheterna i en av de nya lärmiljöerna som byggs på högskolan.

The new learning environment, Arcada Health Tech Hub, offers students, professional occupational therapists and physiotherapists, researchers and companies a space where they can come together around health technology. The centre is built with the support of donations to the fundraising campaign Arcada 25 launched in celebration of Arcada’s 25th anniversary. 

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New project to prevent problems with acid sulphate soils using a mobile app

Student posing for camera

The new HaSuRiski project draws up risk maps of acid sulphate soils in Finland. Within the project, a prototype for a mobile application will be developed. The app uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to model the risk maps and will help experts plan land use in high-risk areas.

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