Professori Mona Forsskåhl aloittaa ammattikorkeakoulu Arcadan rehtorina ja toimitusjohtajana

Professor Mona Forsskåhl takes office as rector and CEO of Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Published: 14.05.2018 / Press release

“My vision is that Arcada will establish itself as Finland’s leading university in relation to its size,” says Forsskåhl, who takes office on 15 May. She sees commitment, skill and diversity as Arcada’s strengths and wishes to strengthen the university’s position as an active pioneer – not only in the Finland-Swedish sphere but also nationally and internationally.

Forsskåhl takes office in an era when the university sector is undergoing transformation, as views on knowledge and education in our society change and internationalisation is increasingly emphasised.  “We wish to be an active pioneer in the Finland-Swedish sphere. We do this for example by strengthening our networks and position in Finland, the Nordics and the world. We can – and must – compete internationally by highlighting our competence,” Forsskåhl says.

“As a modern university, we must also always remember why we are here. We must focus on our students and their development towards becoming future colleagues and community builders. As Arcada is, at the same time, keeping its research profile high, we have every opportunity to achieve our goals,” Forsskåhl emphasises.

A strong desire to make skills visible Forsskåhl’s vision is for Arcada to continue to be at the forefront – as Finland’s leading university in relation to its size. “The growth goals that we have in the fields of education, research and innovation are ambitious, but attainable. This will require new investments and cooperation initiatives, nationally and internationally. The Swedish language naturally opens up networks in the Nordics, but the world is bigger than that! Both research and education benefit from breaking boundaries, and Arcada has subject skills and enthusiasm that impress and will take us a long way,” she emphasises. Forsskåhl is particularly grateful to Henrik Wolff for his excellent work during his 23 years as rector and CEO of Arcada University of Applied Sciences. “It is a fantastic opportunity for me to take over from Henrik, who has done so much to give Arcada a great reputation. When I talk about my new employer, everyone immediately knows the brand Arcada and what we stand for. I see it as a privilege to be chosen as the rector of a university such as this. But I would also like to highlight that Arcada would not be what it is without its students and staff,” Forsskåhl concludes. The rector’s installation will take place during the opening of the new academic year on 5 September at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Additional information: Rector Mona Forsskåhl, E-mail:, tel. +358 (0)50 4305 940


Arcada builds a unique knowledge centre with focus on health tech

Arcadas blivande fysioterapeuter bekantar sig med simuleringsmöjligheterna i en av de nya lärmiljöerna som byggs på högskolan.

The new learning environment, Arcada Health Tech Hub, offers students, professional occupational therapists and physiotherapists, researchers and companies a space where they can come together around health technology. The centre is built with the support of donations to the fundraising campaign Arcada 25 launched in celebration of Arcada’s 25th anniversary. 

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New project to prevent problems with acid sulphate soils using a mobile app

Student posing for camera

The new HaSuRiski project draws up risk maps of acid sulphate soils in Finland. Within the project, a prototype for a mobile application will be developed. The app uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to model the risk maps and will help experts plan land use in high-risk areas.

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