Arcada – A Truly International Experience in Helsinki

Arcada – A Truly International Experience in Helsinki

Published: 03.02.2022 / Education / Student life / Blog

Did you know that Arcada University of Applied Sciences (UAS) is the most international UAS in relation to its size in Finland? In fact, there are more than 60 nationalities represented on our campus in Arabianranta. We checked in with two international Arcada students who shared their experiences from living in Finland and studying at the UAS. They are Do Pham Hoang Oanh from Vietnam, a freshman in the International Business programme, and Mohammad Nadeem from Pakistan, enrolled in the Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering programme. Why do they recommend Finland and Arcada as a study destination? Let’s find out!

Hi Oanh, hi Nadeem! You guys have already spent half a year in Finland. Why did you choose Finland?

Oanh: ”There were a variety of reasons for me to choose Finland as my study destination. Firstly, Finland is known for having one of the best education systems in the world. Secondly, Finland has policies that enable international students to live and study in Finland.”

Nadeem: ”Finland is a wonderful place and full of surprises. It has been ranked the happiest country in the world four times in a row and it is one of the safest places to live in. Studying in Finland is less costly compared to other EU states and there are great student benefits, such as student housing, student discounts and student meals. Furthermore, most of the people speak and understand English.”

How has your study experience at Arcada been?

Nadeem: ”The international students at Arcada are from many different nations and cultures. Arcada has a lot of activities for the students. Recently, an escape room activity was arranged for the Arcada ambassadors which was a very interesting team-building exercise. Arcada also arranges events together with many companies which helps students to know more about their future opportunities. So far, studying at Arcada has been amazing.”

Escape room event for Arcada students.

Oanh: ”In my first period at Arcada, there were tons of activities for new students to get to know each other and widen their social network as Nadeem just said. Study-wise, I feel passionate about the whole International Business programme. Lecturers always use interactive applications that help students engage in the lessons. For example, I remember that I had a chance to take part in a city tour around Helsinki with my teammates in the Teamwork and Innovation course. Through that workshop, the bond between me and my teammates was strengthened. I also learned a lot about Helsinki.”

“Gulis” event for freshmen.

Would you recommend Arcada and your programme?

Nadeem: ”Of course! Arcada offers a multicultural environment. Its campus is located in Arabianranta which is not far from the city centre. The campus is very well connected with public transport and easily reachable. Arcada also offers early bird discounts for the new students which makes it a very good choice. My programme Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering is a combination of theoretical study and practical lab work. It enables the students to have hands-on skills before graduating.”

Oanh: ”I agree with Nadeem! My study programme, International Business, is impressive. It is a harmonious combination of theoretical lessons and practical activities. More specifically, besides learning theories, Arcada students also participate in doing research, debating controversial issues, and creating presentations as a result of the research.”