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What I wish I had known when arriving in Finland

Welcome to Finland! I’m Zoa, a second-year Financial Management student at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. In this blog, I’ll share insights on "What I wish I had known when arriving in Finland," reflecting on my experiences to help you make the arrival as smooth as possible.

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How to monitor the transformation towards circular society?

In March 2024, the project partners for Agile Circular Competence Network organised a three-day Spring School aimed at students, companies, and researchers interested in the circular economy. The focus of the third day was on understanding how businesses can measure their transition towards a circular and sustainable economy.

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Cultural diversity in healthcare – the role of leadership and education

The shortage of nurses is a global issue that already threatens the ability to deliver safe and effective care. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this gap in the healthcare workforce, especially in Europe, could be characterised as a ‘ticking time bomb’ that could worsen health outcomes and, in extreme cases, lead to system collapse (WHO, 2022).

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From Beds to Bytes: Virtual Wards in Healthcare

The Finnish healthcare sector is facing rather big challenges. The ageing population and a high number of people with chronic diseases and disabilities, paired with a decrease in healthcare professionals, has set high pressure on the Finnish healthcare sector. This calls for alternative solutions, and one possible solution, that has been pioneered in the United Kingdom as a response to the chronic and unsustainable high demand for hospital beds, is the use of virtual wards.

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Project on trustworthy and efficient AI for cloud-edge computing

Humanity and trust are the prisms through which we see ourselves, others, and the world. It is the foundation upon which our civil society and democracy itself are built. Simply put, trust is, and has always been, the bedrock of our reality. In recent years, the rapid development of AI has challenged this very reality, because with immense possibilities and advantages comes equally immense challenges and risks.

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Common reed – from coastal restoration to novel biomaterial

In this blog post, an overview of the role of Baltic Sea reed beds is presented in the context of harvesting reed and using it as a sustainable biomaterial. This overview will give perspective to the work that has been initiated at Arcada in the Baltic Reed project. The blog post will also introduce the Baltic Reed project and how Arcada is working together with partners towards using reed as a sustainable material.

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The happiest student in the happiest country

A year ago, Kathy from Sri Lanka chose to apply to the International Business programme at Arcada. Happiness was one of her main priorities, and she has not regretted her choice of study destination since.

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