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Regardless of whether this is the first step in your career or if you are already well immersed in working life, Arcada offers degree programmes and courses that will ensure that you are fully equipped to tackle future challenges.

Cooperation and Services

Co-operation and partnerships – foundations for exchanging knowledge! At Arcada University of Applied Sciences we believe in, and actively pursue, close co-operation with organizations, companies as well as the public sector. Research and education that is conducted in close collaboration with business partners and the public sector ensure significant results and that Arcada’s competences benefit society as a whole.

Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Arcada is a multidisciplinary university of applied sciences in Finland.

At our international campus in Helsinki, our 2,700 students and 170 employees work at the forefront of change and development. We conduct research relevant to society and provide lifelong learning in business and IT, energy and materials technology, health and welfare, culture and media, and healthcare. Together with our partners, we open doors for Nordic cooperation of global relevance.

We create smart solutions for a dynamic working life and a vibrant Swedish-language culture in Finland.

About us

Arcada is a multi-professional University of Applied Sciences in Finland. At our campus in Helsinki (Finland), our 2,700 students and 170 staff work across disciplines to advance culture and knowledge.

Research, development and innovation at Arcada

At Arcada we conduct both basic and applied research. Arcada provides an innovative environment with a focus on research-based innovation for business and the public sectors. We emphasise the connections between research and teaching involving students and the surrounding society in our projects.

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The world is changeable, uncertain and complex. Science and technology are not alone the answer to the largescale societal challenges that lie ahead. New findings need to be translated into efficient long-term solutions – for that we need humans as a driving force. Smart innovations that are tested and flexibly adjusted to sustain rapid change. For a quarter of century, Arcada has developed competencies essential to society and educated experts for the future. We create concrete knowledge in an abstract world.

Habilitation as a natural part of a child's everyday life

Six-year-old Lina shows the application with the exercises she did during yesterday's speech therapy for her preschool assistant. A video clip recorded during the therapy captures Lina's communication training, allowing her to repeat the exercises at preschool together with her assistant. This integrated approach aids in further strengthening her communication training.

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Happening at Arcada

09 Apr

Arcada Research Fair

Welcome to the Arcada Research Fair 2024 – an afternoon filled with the latest of our research.