Arcadas huvudingång på sommaren

Arcada mobilizes its RDI efforts to a center

Published: 19.01.2021 / Research

Arcada brings its library services closer to the customers and ties its closer to the research at Arcada. The goal is to increase the scientific competence among students and staff. This will include the idea “a place for space”, so that everyone who is interested in research at Arcada can easily access services, support and meet up with others with the same interest.

Services at Arcada’s RDI center 

Arcada's Research, Development and Innovation operations will be integrated with the competence at the library. The center works to improve open science at Arcada as well as in increasing the visibility for Arcada’s researchers, project results and publications. 

The center specifically handles the management of: 

  • Research data
  • Parallel publishing
  • Publication fees
  • Reliability of publishing channels
  • Copyright and licenses
  • Open teaching material

The center will provide a wide range of services for researchers, students and teachers.

  • Use of the collections (physical and digital)
  • Open science
  • Visibility, reporting and publication metrics
  • Spaces for research and studies
  • Diversified information competence
  • Support for research at Arcada

The information sources that are available include: 

  • Access to the sources of information needed for research, teaching and studying at Arcada
  • Guides and teaching, e.g. writing guides, reference management

Contact person: 


Partners Meeting in Project DITEPRACT

Seven persons standing in front of ballots and rollups

A meeting of the Erasmus + strategic partnership project DITEPRACT took place on January 11-14 at the University of Malardalen (Sweden) External link

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Ditepract, Erasmus+ project

Conversation on screen

The Ditepract project began with a kick off meeting in April this year. The project has started quickly and efficiently in accordance with the project plan.

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Research Programme: AI driven Nordic Health and Welfare

Artificiell intelligens

AI driven Nordic Health and Welfare is a research programme where AI solutions are applied to social and health care within the Nordic welfare and social design framework, using a transdisciplinary and user driven approach.

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