New forces guide the governing bodies at Arcada forward

The board of administration has appointed new chairpersons and members for the governing bodies of Arcada University of Applied Sciences. There will be clear continuity in the organisation as all chairpersons have previously held a position of trust at the UAS. At the same time, both the board of administration and the UAS's board are strengthened with new expertise.

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Arcada condemns acts of war and expresses support for Ukraine

The right to life is to be respected and Arcada opposes all forms of aggression - no matter where in the world it takes place. Together with the other higher education institutions in Finland, Arcada expresses its support for Ukraine, its citizens and its entire higher education community.

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Joint forces against the pandemic

A high vaccination rate is one of our main weapons against the ongoing corona pandemic. Among Arcada's staff, students and alumni, there are a number of heroes who volunteer as vaccinators in their spare time. All in order to end the pandemic.

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