Arcada condemns acts of war and expresses support for Ukraine

Published: 28.02.2022 / News

The right to life is to be respected and Arcada opposes all forms of aggression - no matter where in the world it takes place. Together with the other higher education institutions in Finland, Arcada expresses its support for Ukraine, its citizens and its entire higher education community.

Arcada University of Applied Sciences condemns Russia's acts of war and violations of international law.

- This attack has deeply affected all of us, including Finnish higher education. As a university of applied sciences, we work for a community based on respect, diversity and international contacts. The ruthless invasion, accompanied by misinformation and misrepresentation of facts, fundamentally undermines the sense of security, and at the same time the trust between people, says president Mona Forsskåhl.

In the current situation, Arcada emphasises its zero tolerance of discrimination.

Cultural diversity in healthcare – the role of leadership and education

The shortage of nurses is a global issue that already threatens the ability to deliver safe and effective care. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this gap in the healthcare workforce, especially in Europe, could be characterised as a ‘ticking time bomb’ that could worsen health outcomes and, in extreme cases, lead to system collapse (WHO, 2022).

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1561 kilometers from Helsinki to Ukraine documented by Arcada’s students

In the learning environments for media students at Arcada University of Applied Sciences, a 1561-kilometer charity relay is being transformed into visibility for the organisation “The Caravan to Ukraine”. Community engagement and making a difference are important, says the student team behind the editorial office.

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