Arcada completes health technology centre with donation from Algol


The new learning environment Arcada Health Tech Hub will be completed in the spring of 2023 thanks to a €25,000 donation from the multi-branch company Algol. The centre will be used primarily by students in occupational therapy and physiotherapy, but will also provide a space for professionals, researchers and companies to come together around health technology solutions.

Category: Fundraising

Support circular production and process development

Person som tittar på flera datorskärmar

In order to achieve a carbon-neutral society and preserve biodiversity, the world must take a new direction. Arcada needs to create a learning and research environment where our future engineers learn to develop and use digital solutions - a prerequisite for Finland's success in the transition to a climate-smart society.

Support Smart and Innovative Learning Environments

Lärare och elever tittar på grafer på stor digital skärm

Arcada creates two new innovative and inspiring learning environments that support active learning, participation and entrepreneurial thinking. The new spaces provide students the best possible tools to develop their skills for their future working life through encouraging curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

Support new solutions within health care technology

Sjuksköterska och äldre patient

Health technology is part of the social and health care of the future, and a prerequisite for society to be able to maintain the health care system. In Arcada Health Tech Hub, we create a unique Swedish-language knowledge centre in the capital region with a focus on digital solutions for rehabilitation.

Support digital healthcare simulation

Elev tränar ingrepp på simuleringsdocka

To ensure that high-quality care is offered in Swedish in Finland also in the future, a modern simulation centre that meets the demands of working life and society is needed. As a pioneer in simulation pedagogy, Arcada is ready to take on the challenge.

Support Arcada

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The world is changeable, uncertain and complex. Science and technology are not alone the answer to the largescale societal challenges that lie ahead. New findings need to be translated into efficient long-term solutions – for that we need humans as a driving force. Smart innovations that are tested and flexibly adjusted to sustain rapid change. For a quarter of century, Arcada has developed competencies essential to society and educated experts for the future. We create concrete knowledge in an abstract world.