Arcada completes health technology centre with donation from Algol

Published: 09.01.2023 / Fundraising

The new learning environment Arcada Health Tech Hub will be completed in the spring of 2023 thanks to a €25,000 donation from the multi-branch company Algol. The centre will be used primarily by students in occupational therapy and physiotherapy, but will also provide a space for professionals, researchers and companies to come together around health technology solutions.

Algol is donating €25,000 to the Arcada 25 fundraising campaign, marking Arcada’s 25th anniversary.

“Arcada offers high quality education in areas of high importance to the Algol Group and its customers in a wide range of industries. We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the completion of one of the new learning environments," says Algol's CEO Alexander Bargum.

Algol is a multi-branch company with business units in several countries, importing and offering products and services to meet the needs of industry and healthcare.

External funding crucial

Arcada's new learning environment consists of a smart gym and spaces for simulation where health technological solutions are used. The environment is planned for both teaching and research.

“Regardless of their sector, the students of today need to be able to manage and operate in environments where digital tools are part of everyday life. That is why Arcada is making a major investment in creating digitally supported learning environments that both ensure the students' digital competence and create conditions for development collaboration with companies and the surrounding community," says Arcada's rector Mona Forsskåhl.

The new environments provide the students with modern simulation opportunities, where they learn from each other and collaborate across disciplines to develop new in-demand solutions.

“External funding is crucial to make the learning environments a reality. Government funding for higher education has decreased significantly in recent years, leaving no room for quality-enhancing investments. With combined efforts, we can ensure a vibrant bilingualism and diversity within both the public sector and business life. By supporting us, the companies participate in Arcada's long-term and purposeful work, " Forsskåhl concludes.

Arcada Health Tech Hub is also supported by Sparbanksstiftelsen Esbo-Grankulla, Hélène och Walter Grönqvists Stiftelse, Helsingestiftelsen, Lisi Wahls stiftelse för studieunderstöd, Otto A. Malms donationsfond and Stiftelsen Tre Smeder.

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