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Arcada receives award for simulation centre

Published: 08.10.2021 / News

Arcada's simulation centre has received the The Finnish Society for Patient and Client Safety (SPTY)'s award for exemplary work in improving patient safety through simulation learning and activities.

Arcada's simulation centre, Arcada Patient Safety and Learning Centre (APSLC), has trained both health care students and staff for 15 years. The simulation centre enables practical exercises in a safe and realistic learning environment where patient safety is a cornerstone. 

– Despite the ongoing pandemic and limited possibilities for on-campus teaching over the past year, APSLC's high quality of education has never decreased. Our simulation instructors have enthusiastically created new and innovative solutions for simulation-based learning. New IT solutions have also enabled diverse forms of learning, also remotely, says Christoffer Ericsson, Head of APSLC. 

The Finnish Society for Patient and Client Safety SPTY is a joint forum for patients, clients, professionals and experts. Their task is to develop patient and client safety in social and health care. 

The award for patient and client safety is given to individuals and organisations that have actively demonstrated and developed patient safety or made a significant contribution to developing a culture of openness and patient and client safety. 

– In addition to preparing students for working life, APSLC has also successfully trained professional simulation instructors during the pandemic, which contributes to high-class simulations in working life. We see this award as a step in a continuous development towards an increasingly innovative and specialised simulation centre that we continue to develop also after the pandemic, says Ericsson. 


Pictured above: Tarja Pajunen representing SPTY in the middle, together with APSLC's management team Pernilla Stenbäck, Christoffer Ericsson, Annika Skogster and Niko Loimijoki. 

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