Nursing studies at Arcada: safe and culture-friendly with high-quality teaching

Published: 04.01.2023 / Blog / Student life

Did you know that Arcada has a unique patient safety and learning centre where students in the healthcare sector get to practice their future profession in a safe way? The learning centre, along with many other things, has made Nursing student Mushiatu convinced that Arcada was the right choice for her.

“Being the centre for advanced technological experiences and diversified opportunities for the future is what I like most about Arcada. The learning environment is multinational, safe, and culture-friendly with modernized learning facilities.

Arcada’s Nursing programme is well-organized based on evidence, and compatible with the job market’s competency requirements. Having started my studies with level B1 Finnish language skills, communications in skill labs and simulation lessons helped to improve my Finnish language skills.

Nursing student Mushiatu practicing on patient doll at Arcada’s patient safety and learning centre.

Teaching methods incorporated with eLearning platforms have allowed me to learn more easily at my own pace. Arcada’s unique simulation centre has enabled me to transfer my theoretical knowledge into practical skills which has enhanced my competence and confidence as a student and future nurse to-be, with the possibility of becoming a nurse entrepreneur as well.

Arcada’s cooperation with DIAK has given me a different perspective and refreshing experience of different learning facilities and teaching methods. Working with DIAK nursing students boosted my cooperative and interpersonal skills as well as expanded my connection with other course mates.

The journey of my internships has been successful thanks to Arcada’s good teaching, guidance, and collaboration with the healthcare industry. I am grateful to Arcada for my successful career path as a registered nurse with diversified opportunities in the healthcare job market where “the sky is my limit”.”

From Beds to Bytes: Virtual Wards in Healthcare

The Finnish healthcare sector is facing rather big challenges as the ageing population and a high number of people with chronic diseases and disabilities paired with a decrease in healthcare professionals, has set high pressure on the Finnish healthcare sector. This calls for alternative solutions, and one possible solution, that has been pioneered in the United Kingdom as a response to the chronic and unsustainable high demand for hospital beds, is the use of virtual wards.

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Can Machine Learning aid in finding key factors to improve the Finnish healthcare system?

Finland is in the process of change in our health care system. The Nordic well-fare system is challenged in Finland, for instance, due to difficulties in attracting nurses, changing demographics in Finland, and a general pressure to reduce costs in the whole public sector. This poses severe challenges for the entire healthcare sector. Can Machine Learning (i.e., the subfield of Artificial Intelligence, which focuses on having a machine imitate intelligent human behavior) be used to understand relationships between different critical properties of our healthcare system? Yes, it can! An excellent example of how this can be done is found in a scientific paper by Hu et al. (2020), where the authors investigated nurses' willingness to report errors in a specific geographical area of the US.

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