Johanna Stenback, Alumna of the Year: Student life gave me valuable skills for my career

Published: 11.10.2022 / Alumni

This year, Arcada University of Applied Sciences has for the first time named the Alumni of the Year. The award is given to a person who is an inspiration to today's students and who demonstrates a broad commitment to Arcada. The 2022 Alumna of the Year is Johanna Stenback.

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Stenback graduated from Arcada in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Culture and Arts.

“Being named Alumni of the Year was a great surprise and honour for me. It's easy to engage in Arcada's activities. There's room for students to get involved, have an impact and try their wings, and that's exactly what you should do while you're studying," says Stenback.

Johanna Stenback has an impressive track record in content and event production. Today, she works as a CEO and producer at All Things Content, creating content and experiences for various platforms.

“In my job, I'm motivated by creating the conditions for others to shine and to produce complete packages that contribute to new and different insights.”

In addition to a broad education in media, she also takes away important lessons from her student life. Stenback was active in student politics and was one of the founders of the Arcada Student Union - ASK.

“I want to encourage those of you who are studying now to also take part in student life. The social skills and networks I built up during my studies are still incredibly useful in my career.”

During her years as an alumna, Stenback has been involved in Arcada’s activities in a variety of ways, including as a mentor, guest lecturer and moderator.

“I want to thank Arcada for always seeing the opportunity and potential in me. You have followed me as an alumna as I have grown and developed, and you have always cheered me on,” says Stenback.

Johanna Stenback was named Alumni of the Year of Arcada for going from being a dedicated student to an inspiring role model for the UAS's students. She has seen and believed in Arcada's interdisciplinary nature and inter-branch collaboration from the very beginning. Over the years, she has been an active link between the world of work and her own programme, as well as the whole UAS. With her creativity, genuine approach and passionate interest in people and phenomena, she has shown that there is no need to limit oneself, but that there are several career paths to take. She has collaborated with Arcada in many ways: as a mentor, guest lecturer, moderator and elected representative.

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