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What is it like to move from the other side of the world to study at a university of applied sciences in Finland? What is the latest within research at Arcada? How is Arcada a truly sustainable study choice, according to the students themselves?

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Project on Trustworthy and Efficient AI for Cloud-Edge Computing

Humanity and trust are the prisms through which we see ourselves, others, and the world. It is the foundation upon which our civil society and democracy itself are built. Simply put, trust is, and has always been, the bedrock of our reality. In recent years, the rapid development of AI has challenged this very reality, because with immense possibilities and advantages comes equally immense challenges and risks.

Category: Artificial intelligence

Common reed – from coastal restoration to novel biomaterial

In this blog post, an overview of the role of Baltic Sea reed beds is presented in the context of harvesting reed and using it as a sustainable biomaterial. This overview will give perspective to the work that has been initiated at Arcada in the Baltic Reed project. The blog post will also introduce the Baltic Reed project and how Arcada is working together with partners towards using reed as a sustainable material.

Category: Publication

The happiest student in the happiest country

A year ago, Kathy from Sri Lanka chose to apply to the International Business programme at Arcada. Happiness was one of her main priorities, and she has not regretted her choice of study destination since.

Category: Student life

Could healthcare students peer facilitate clinical learning? – The PeerSIM Project

The earlier we learn to facilitate debriefing in simulation and skills training, the stronger our knowledge base will be later on as (healthcare) professionals. Imagine if debriefing and reflection skills could be initiated, in a systematic and structured fashion during undergraduate (nursing) studies? This is PeerSIM; building Self-efficacy, Inspiration and Mastery in peer-learning for our students.

Category: Publication

Media Intelligence Laboratory: A new research initiative at Arcada

The development of data analytics and AI provides researchers with new opportunities to study media content. A new project for media analysis at Arcada starting in spring 2024 aims to harness the power of the new analytical tools, and to generate findings that will be analysed and interpreted in a context social research and theory.

Category: Publication

What we realised when we moved to Helsinki to study

Meet Chau and Phuong, two of Arcada’s International Business students who took a leap of faith and moved to Helsinki, Finland, from Vietnam to study at Arcada University of Applied Sciences.

Category: Student life

Healthcare Leadership – master's thesis topics and themes 2023

In the dynamic and ever-changing realm of healthcare, leadership on all levels is a critical and necessary aspect that is required to enable healthcare organisations to fulfil their purpose of caring for others and improving health status within societies (Ledlow, Bosworth & Maryon, 2023). Amidst the rapid technological changes, as well as the challenges in staff shortage and new working environments, the need for adaptive, visionary leadership is more critical than ever (Fagerdahl et al., 2022). Consequently, academic education and professional development on leadership topics, training and development are critical to enhancing healthcare leadership in practice, organisational and societal contexts (Marcellus et al., 2018).

Category: Publication

New technology and new perspectives on higher education

The digital environment in education is changing and educators need to update their competence. In this blog post, I will share some of my experiences and insights from a continuous education course called Open Networked Learning. I will start by explaining what Open Networked Learning is, then I will reflect on the changing teaching practices at the Master’s degree program in Media Management at Arcada, by relating to pedagogical theories such as Community of Inquiry and Digital Literacy, as well as to rising phenomena such as Generative AI, Information Overload and Digital Minimalism.

Category: Publication