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Arcada is a research intensive University of Applied Sciences. Several teachers are currently doctoral candidates at different universities.

Webinar 24.9: Researchers' Night at Arcada

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At Arcada we celebrate Researchers' Night with a webinar focusing on artificial intelligence. Welcome to join us to learn more about research at Arcada!

Strategic focus


Arcada´s overall strategic aim is to build Nordic bridges to be globally relevant and to create smart, digital solutions for a dynamic working life. Nordic cooperation for global relevance and smart digital solutions are Arcada’s vehicles to stay relevant in a changing world. AI and machine learning, Health and Welfare as well as Circular Economy are our core fields of research through which we aim to maintain and grow welfare in society.

Research collaboration

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The versatile and interdisciplinary research at Arcada offer companies and organizations many possibilities for collaboration.

Research Programme: AI driven Nordic Health and Welfare

Artificiell intelligens

AI driven Nordic Health and Welfare is a research programme where AI solutions are applied to social and health care within the Nordic welfare and social design framework, using a transdisciplinary and user driven approach.

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Arcada mobilizes its RDI efforts to a center

Arcadas huvudingång på sommaren

Arcada brings its library services closer to the customers and ties its closer to the research at Arcada. The goal is to increase the scientific competence among students and staff. This will include the idea “a place for space”, so that everyone who is interested in research at Arcada can easily access services, support and meet up with others with the same interest.

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