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We are at the forefront escpecially within circular economy, artificial intelligence and health technology development. If you are looking for a partner or a lab environment to develop a service or product, please contact us.

Arcada is a global leader in its active research and innovation collaboration with the surrounding society and external partners. With us, you can benefit from broad interdisciplinarity all under one roof. We strongly believe that it is in the borderland between different areas of expertise that innovations really happens, now and in the future.




Research collaboration

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The versatile and interdisciplinary research at Arcada offer companies and organizations many possibilities for collaboration.

Strategic focus


Arcada´s overall strategic aim is to build Nordic bridges to be globally relevant and to create smart, digital solutions for a dynamic working life. Nordic cooperation for global relevance and smart digital solutions are Arcada’s vehicles to stay relevant in a changing world. AI and machine learning, Health and Welfare as well as Circular Economy are our core fields of research through which we aim to maintain and grow welfare in society.


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Arcada is a multidisciplinary university of applied sciences in Finland.

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