Arcada and Folkhälsan Signs Comprehensive Agreement

Published: 06.02.2020 / Press release

A new collaboration will begin in February 2020 when Arcada and Folkhälsan signs a comprehensive agreement.   Arcada's new collaboration with Folkhälsan means that previous collaborations are being concretized and broadened. What is new is a joint focus on research and development cooperation with Arcada's institutions, which also includes creating larger joint development projects.   - The agreement enables collaboration on, for example, integration in Swedish and major interdisciplinary research projects. We see great potential in the collaboration as both organizations share a vision of promoting quality of life and the Swedish language in the Finnish society, says Mona Forsskåhl, Rector of Arcada.   The long-term agreement also includes, among other things, staff training and cooperation in sports and education. In addition to this, previous collaboration on internships and thesis projects in the health care field is being further developed. Together Arcada and Folkhälsan want to promote a good life and active participation in working life, also in Swedish, in Finland.   - For Folkhälsan, vocational education at all educational stages is of strategic importance, and the collaboration with Arcada complements our own efforts for education and research. A key source in providing service in Swedish is competent professionals in working life, says Georg Henrik Wrede, CEO of Folkhälsan.   The cooperation agreement is valid until further notice. Each area has its own responsible persons who, in the coming year, will plan for the specific forms of cooperation ad drive the sub-areas forward.

Arcada builds a unique knowledge centre with focus on health tech

Arcadas blivande fysioterapeuter bekantar sig med simuleringsmöjligheterna i en av de nya lärmiljöerna som byggs på högskolan.

The new learning environment, Arcada Health Tech Hub, offers students, professional occupational therapists and physiotherapists, researchers and companies a space where they can come together around health technology. The centre is built with the support of donations to the fundraising campaign Arcada 25 launched in celebration of Arcada’s 25th anniversary. 

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New project to prevent problems with acid sulphate soils using a mobile app

Student posing for camera

The new HaSuRiski project draws up risk maps of acid sulphate soils in Finland. Within the project, a prototype for a mobile application will be developed. The app uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to model the risk maps and will help experts plan land use in high-risk areas.

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