Creative, innovative solutions for online learning - LTTA in Riga 14-16.6.2022

Published: 27.06.2022 / Pedagogical development work

From 14-16.06.2022, Rigas Stradina University hosted the LTTA- event on site in Riga. A delegation of 6 lecturers from Arcada's health and rehabilitation programmes participated.

There was also a delegation of 5 participants from the University of Baskent participating on campus. The days offered several informative presentations, including creative and innovative solutions made at Rigas Stradina University, during the pandemic. All the creative solutions enabled students to learn practical skills off-site and promoted self-directed learning. Arcada's lecturers were particularly impressed by the intense collaboration between engineers and health education staff. This constructive collaboration for optimal student learning is something the Arcada lecturers will take home with them and work towards in the coming academic year.

All Arcada delegation participants took part as mentors in a workshop for Riga Stradina's teaching staff. The delegation from the University of Baskent also participated in the workshop. The objective for the workshop was for the participants to get a greater understanding of what they should take into consideration when planning for a simulation. It was also to get an understanding of the importance of the different parts, within the simulation pedagogy, and their impact on the individual student's learning. Puzzle were used as a didactic method during the workshop. Both mentors and participants were pleasantly surprised at how well the method opened up for an inter- and cross-professional dialogue and a created a space for co-creation, in a relatively short period of time. As a product of the collaboration in the workshop, each group presented a "good-practice" for a possible future simulation scenario.

The content of the days was well as the structure, gave each participant an opportunity to learn something new. The broad content opened up for an individual reflection. The presentation of the simulation centre and the skills training facilities gave each participant the opportunity to acquire useful knowledge and build on their own existing skills. The welcoming atmosphere, where the well-being and involvement of the participants was at the centre, had a positive impact on each participant's engagement during our days in Riga.

Text: Marina Arell-Sundberg, Jessica Silfver, Petra Ekman, Maria Appelroth, Linnea von Hedenberg-Löfman and Tove Werner

Teaching and learning of practical skills in social and health care in challenging times

When communities worldwide were closed in the spring of 2020 as the COVID-19 disease pandemic hit the world, the consequences for higher education in Europe were extensive. In a flash, higher education activities were moved online without enough time for neither preparation nor planning. Both students and the universities' staff had to adapt to major changes in daily life. Follow-ups and evaluations showed that the universities coped with the change surprisingly well, but also that the challenges in teaching and learning were many, both for students and staff – this shows the newly Arcada and Ditepract published Best Practice Guide on the topic.

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The second LTT meeting of the Erasmus+ project

The second LTT meeting of the Erasmus+ project, titled "Digital and Hybrid Teaching and Learning of Practical Skills in Higher Education: DITEPRACT" was hosted by Başkent University on 11-12-13 October 2022.

Category: Pedagogical development work