Payment Terms

Claim monitoring is handled by Visma Financial Solution Oy´s invoicing service. All questions regarding the invoice (after sending to invoice) should be discussed with Visma, phone: 02 4808 8020, e-mail

Payment of the invoice must always be made to the bank account indicated on the invoice and reference number should be used (reference payment).

Delayed payment leads to delay interest (7 % p.a.) and collection fees.

Arcada UAS is keeping the right to deny persons from participating in courses or getting other services in case of previously unpaid, overdue invoices.

If you have any questions, please contact Arcada UAS economic department by phone +358 294 282 699 or e-mail E-mail: Arcada UAS takes into account requests regarding recipient of the invoice and terms for payment before the due date. We charge 31 euro (including VAT 24 %) for changes. Any questions after due date should be addressed to Visma invoicing service.