Frequently asked questions about the library

Do you want to know how to renew your loan or print documents? Check out our Q&A.

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the library.

Frequently asked questions about the library

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about the library

You can renew your loans by logging in to Arcada Finna External link or via Tuudo.

A loan can not be renewed if:

  • the book is reserved by someone else
  • it is a short-term loan
  • you have late fees over 10 Euro
  • the book is already renewed the maximum number of times

Log in to Arcada Finna External link, find the book you need and click on the "reserve title" box. You will receive an e-mail when the book is available for pick up at the library. Only loaned books can be reserved. Short-term loans can not be reserved at all.

As a student or staff at Arcada, you will receive a digital library card via Tuudo. Download Tuudo from e.g. Google Play store, then select the library in the menu and click on "add library card". See the instructions video here External link.

External customers can apply for a library card online External link.

If you do not remember your pin code, change it as follows:
go to Arcada Finna External link and click on the "log in" box, then select "Library card (external customers)" and "forgot pin code".


If Perlego asks you to pay for the usage, you have registered as a private individual instead of using Arcada's license.

Do as follows:

If that doesn't work, clear your browser of cookies / cache and try again

The next time you log in, do so directly on Perlego External link.


You must be logged in to Arcada's network to access licensed material in the various databases. Search the database via LibGuides External link or Arcada Finna External link and login with your Arcada username (if required).

The library follows campus opening hours and is open to students and staff with a flex key Monday-Friday at 07.00–21.00. On weekends, the library can be visited between 09.00–17.30.

External customers can visit the library on weekdays from 07.00 to 18.00 (after which the front door is locked).

Customer service is available on weekdays from 10.00 to 15.00.

Exceptions during opening hours may occur.

To be able to print, you need credit in your Arcada account. Credits can only be purchased from Arcada's student union ASK. You can go to the ASK office in the Cor house, check the Cor house opening hours here External link or shop in the online store External link. Note that it can take 1-2 days before the credits are transferred to your account.

  • Print to the printer called Follow-Me
  • Log in to the copier with your key

More information about the copiers can be found at Start External link.