Sandra Slotte

Pedagogie magister

Phone number:0294 282 668

I am responsible for planning and developing centralised sustainable career support for our students and alumni, as well as Arcada's SIMHE-services (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education) in Swedish, which will be delivered in cooperation with e.g. the Department of Guidance and Student Wellbeing, the degree programmes, the Language Department and external actors.

Additionally, I am contact person for the national Talent Boost programme and responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of Arcada's service promise to increase the employability and inclusion of international degree students in society.

I am a specialist in internationalisation and Secretary of the Steering Group for Internationalisation and member of the Quality Council. I am also a member of EAIE (European Association for International Education) and am actively involved in the future of education and work, Global Competences, Systems Thinking, Service Design, integration and inclusion.… External link