Thomas Hellstén

Phone number:040 773 31 54

Thomas Hellstén, Master of Physiotherapy, PhD student
Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Hellstén's main interest is in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, digitalisation in health care and rehabilitation and health promotion. As a PhD student at University of Helsinki, he is a member in an interdisciplinary research group at Arcada between technology and health care, Computer Vision based Real-Time Motion Analysis in Health and Well-Being. .

" I believe that successful innovation and research is a result from multi professional co-operation."

Hellsten, T., Karlsson, J., Shamsuzzaman, M., & Pulkkis, G. 2021. The Potential of Computer Vision-Based Marker-Less Human Motion Analysis for Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation Process and Outcome, 10, doi: 11795727211022330.

Hellstén, T., Karlsson, J., & Pulkkis, G. 2021. Computer Vision-based Marker-less Real Time Motion Analysis for Rehabilitation–An Interdisciplinary Research Project. Arcada Working Papers. ISBN 978-952-7365-10-6

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Ring, J., Hellstén, T. and Kettunen, J., 2019. Evaluating factors associated with the fear of falling in older adults using The Falls Efficacy Scale International (FES-I). Arcada Working Papers 1/2019, ISSN 2342-3064, ISBN 978-952-5260-96-0

Bengs D, Jeglinsky I, Surakka J, Hellstén T, Ring J, Kettunen J. 2017. Reliability of Measuring Lower-Limb Muscle EMG Activity Ratio in Activities of Daily Living With Electrodes Embedded in the Clothing. J Sport Rehabil. 2017 Apr 19:1-12. doi: 10.1123/jsr.2017-0019

Tana J., Forss M., Hellstén T. 2017. The use of wearables in healthcare – challenges and opportunities. Arcada Working Papers 6/2017, ISSN 2342-3064, ISBN 978-952-5260-83-0

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Thomas Hellstén