Mikael Forsström

Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing

Phone number:040 510 82 58

Mikael Forsström has a passion for digital transformation and is working with all major marketing platforms. He holds a master’s degree in ebusiness, and has a constant curiosity for new digital tools and solutions.

Mikael has a long experience in international and national projects. The most recent accomplishment in projects got funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. This Nordic-Baltic project will create a framework and digital labs for generating and using new techniques to train students in soft skills.

Mikael has been a guest lecturer in several Universities, and he has a wide business and international network. He is currently a board member of the Space Network for Business studies, a HubSpot Education Partner, and holds certifications relevant in the industry.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikaelforss… External link

Mikael Forsström