1.    Check that you are eligible to apply to Arcada’s Bachelor’s degree programmes.

Read more about eligibility.

2 . Make sure that you also meet our English language requirements, and sign up for a language test in time

Read more on the language requirements.

3.    Decide whether  you will apply a) based on  the online entrance exam or b) based on the  SAT-test

Read more about the different application methods.

4.  If you choose SAT as application method: Take the SAT-test  in time.

Read more about the SAT-test.

5.  Apply to the Bachelor’s degree programme(s)  of your choice through studyinfo.fi  continuously between  2 Dec 2019 - 13 March 2020.

Read more about how to apply to Arcada.

6.  Upload scanned copies of your degree certificates  as well as language certificates.

Read more about supporting documents.

7.   If you choose the online entrance exam as application method: Wait for the invitation to the entrance exam  and then take the test.

Read more about the online  entrance exams .

8. Wait for  the result of your application.