The overall aim of the project, in the field of mental health and social problems, is to improve/promote youth employability and access to labor market. The project is joint project between Arcada and Tallinn University. In Finland the project aims to: increase the target group’s access to labor market, decrease social exclusion and stigma, influence employers, societies to improve their attitudes concerning youth belonging to target group.

The projects approach can be seen as interactive. The idea is to create face-to-face meetings with members of societies/citizens (Market meetings) and enterprises to achieve an effect which is stigma reducing, changing attitudes to become more positive and increases social inclusion for youth belonging to target group. Educational activities for target group shall be organized to increase their skills to social interaction during the project and in the future so they can be capable to support other youth in similar situations. Non-governmental-organizations, and public health care organization shall be recruited to active partners to the project. The project is based on interactive work together with educational/research institutions, public health and non-governmental-organizations and representatives of target group. The interactive approach the project has is a new attempt not only to find solutions to similar problems in both countries, but also create a basis for future co-operation. 

Financing: Central-Baltic/Interreg 2014-2020

Project partners: Tallinn University

Duration: 01.05.2015 – 31.04.2017

Project manager: Jukka Piippo, e-mail: jukka.piippo[at]

Participating researchers: Jukka Piippo