The purpose of the project

This R&D project uses novel technology to produce a new class of polymer ultrafiltration (UF) membranes superior to those currently central to filtration systems used extensively in industrial and communal water treatment processes. Potential applications include energy-efficient separation processes in the mining, pulp and metallurgical industries, affordable small-scale water purification devices for developing regions, and biochemical sensors on lab-on-a-chip systems.

The primary goal and anticipated results of the project

We have proven the novelty of membrane production via the track etch process by irradiating with only ultralight ions. Our near-term goal is scale up the production process from laboratory to mini-pilot scale, and validate and demonstrate the cost-effective technology in the relevant environments.

Financing: Stiftelsen Arcada / Arcada Foundation

Duration: 2009-2017

Project manager: Stewart Makkonen-Craig

Participating researchers: Stewart Makkonen-Craig