Gender, indoctrination and religious effects on ethical stakeholders : a case study of Finnish business students / Marty Ludlum, Linn Hongell, Christa Tigerstedt, Laura Alsobrook.

From news to company networks : co-occurrence, sentiment, and information centrality / Thomas Forss, Peter Sarlin.

Analytics for Network Security : a survey and taxonomy / Kaj Grahn, Magnus Westerlund, Göran Pulkkis.

Packet traversal time per hop based adaptive wormhole detection algorithm for MANETs / Jonny Karlsson, Göran Pulkkis, Laurence S. Dooley.

Extreme Learning Machines : novel extensions and application to Big Data / Anton Akusok.

Derwater 3D object reconstruction with multiple views in video stream via structure from motion for fish ethology research / Xiao Xu, Renzheng Che, Rui Nian, Bo He, Meimei Chen, Amaury Lendasse.

Network linkages to predict bank distress / Andreea Constantin, Tuomas A. Peltonen, Peter Sarlin.

Separately together, that's how we learn : online learning in making sense of leadership / Christa Tigerstedt, Maria Forss & Mervi Hernberg.

Data driven decision RACE in eRetailing / Niklas Eriksson, Mikael Forsström, Carl-Johan Rosenbröijer.