Learning environments at Arcada

Läromiljöer på Arcada kollage

In-depth learning in a practical environment

The benefit of a vocationally oriented education is the compulsory work placement that is automatically included in the studies. This gives you an edge on the market as you have already have work experience, created important contacts and have a realistic view of what awaits you in work life after graduation. At Arcada we want you to be able to become acquainted with and practice your future tasks in learning environments that are as realistic as possible. Theory has an undisputable part in the education, but it is as important that you are able to try and develop your skills in a safe and encouraging environment. As you become inspired by your surroundings, your motivation will increase and the learning outcome will be that much more valuable.

There are plenty of training laboratories and specialized facilities for our students, teachers and researchers to work in. You will find some examples below. In addition to them, we also have e.g. language- and chemistry laboratories, music- and art rooms, a therapy pool and sporting facilities.    

Arcada Patient Safety and Learning Center (APSLC)

The Arcada Patient Safety and Learning Center is one of the largest medical simulation centers in Finland. The center offers Arcada’s students, as well as professionals from the field, a safe environment for training caregiving, medical skills, leadership and communication in various caregiving situations.

The Patient Safety and Learning Center is equipped with learning environments adapted to the tasks and needs of nurses, midwifes, emergency care professionals and occupational therapists. The center also boasts a fully computer directed life-size patient simulator with programmable disorders, bodily functions and respiration. As the simulator also talks, those training with it also learn to keep the patient calm, to explain the procedures and adapt a suitable bedside manner. The rest of the team can follow the ongoing simulation through a TV-screen in the next room and the video material is then used for debriefing the group. This means that the exercise in itself is very authentic while the whole team can learn from it.

The center is used by students studying Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Arcada, but training courses are also offered to professionals in the field through Arcada Further Education.

Plastics Laboratory

Arcada’s plastics engineers put their skills to work in a machine laboratory that simulates a plastics factory in miniature. Students can train in the entire process, from a command of materials and product design to the manufacture of plastic products. The Plastics Laboratory is equipped with all key machinery used in the plastics industry.

Energy Laboratory

Arcada’s new Energy Laboratory gives the engineering students the possibility to hone their skills and work with new innovations in a realistic environment. In the laboratory the students can e.g. test and analyze how different materials absorb and reflect sun beams.  There are also measuring instruments for energy saving buildings and energy technologies in the lab.

DINA TV is located at Arcada

The media block at Arcada contains the so called Multi Hall, a small TV- and photo studio. It also contains a broadcasting room, a sound studio and several editing rooms for our media students. The TV-channel DINA TVs editorial staff can be found on the third floor and they have their own interviewing studio and editing room. They also produce content and test new concepts and production methods on DINA TV, which can be viewed on television, the Internet and mobile devices. The staff consists of Arcada’s students and alumni, who all have an excellent hands-on opportunity to become better acquainted with the field.

eBusiness Lab

The ARBIT (Applied Research in Business and IT) research group at Arcada has established a modern development and learning environment, the eBusiness Lab, where students can develop and test their business ideas in a realistic setting. Together with the business sector, teachers and researchers, students develop digital services and products for businesses.

Arcada’s business Oasis

At Arcada we have a clear focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. In the autumn 2012 we launched our own business oasis - Oasis. Oasis is not only closely tied to Arcada’s courses in entrepreneurship, but also fills an important function as an out-of-class meeting place. The Oasis is where students, teachers and external partners, such as alumni and already established entrepreneurs, find a common platform for nurturing their entrepreneurial spirits. Here you can get support and coaching in developing business ideas and starting your own company, advice on financing or finding a suitable mentor. Our aim is for Oasis to be a forum for the development of ideas of all kinds, both externally and internally. Our work crosses the boundaries between the traditional fields of studies at Arcada and we aim to have a continuous and close cooperation with partners from different industries.

This is where interested students turn with their questions about entrepreneurship and the doors are open to everyone. You might, for example, simply want to a find sure footing and advance within your own field of study or use Oasis to find a mentor, such as an alumnus from Arcada, who can function as a coach in a safe environment.

Center for Health Promotion

The Arcada buildning is home to the Center for Health Promotion, which is administered by Arcada and private company FysioSporttis. The center offers services for health promotion and rehabilitation and it functions as a center for innovative research and development. In addition to studies in sports and health care, center operations also comprehend business administration studies. The center also maintains a test laboratory for the measurement, assessment and evaluation of health and functional capacity.