Sports and leisure

As a capital, Helsinki has a lot to offer within culture, media, sports and events and as a modern and green area close to the city center, Arabianranta also has a lot to offer for those who like to spend time outdoors.

If you want to meet new people, Arcada Student Union – ASK and the different Student Associations arrange pastime activities such as parties, sitzes, trips, cottage weekends and other events. Next to the ASK office at the Cor-house you will find the offices of three out of the four Student Associations in Arcada, Commedia, HanSe SF and HoSK. You can find TLK about 100m from the Cor-house at The Corner. The Student Associations are registered associations that cooperate with ASK to improve the atmosphere for students in their everyday life.

You can also just stop by the Cor-house and have a nice cup of coffee and in the summer time enjoy the terrace with new friends.

When it comes to sports, Arcada student union arrange diffrent kind of activites, that you can read more about here. Arcada also holds a fully equipped gym, which all student at Arcada can use for a very reasonable prize. Fore more information about the Arcada gym and other free-time acitivites on campus, click here.