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Specialisation education

Specialisation education is based on the need of expertise and its development in working life.

Specialisation education is meant for those already in working life, those who already have a bachelorion degree or those who have acquired such competence through other means. In most cases, specialisation education in Universities of Applied Sciences should be is done after Bachelor degree.

Specialisation education consists of a minimum of 30 ECTS credits. The Specialisation Studies are tailored so that you can attend them alongside full-time employment.

It is designed for persons who

  • wish to deepen their expertise
  • work as experts in communities and networks
  • are orientating towards more demanding assignments requiring expertise

Specialisation studies are carried out and the expertise is proven in close contact with the working life. The studies will strengthen the contact between working life and research and product development made on the field.

Taking part in a specialisation studies will provide a point of view outside your own working community in which to inspect the challenges, problems and needs for improvement that you may face. Completing the studies allows you to use scientific research material in the analysis, evaluation and development of the vocational practices of your own speciality.

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