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Studies at the Open Path are open for anyone, regardless of their educational background. However, you shall have such knowledge of English that enables you to study efficiently. We recommend that your skills are on level B2 or higher. If you are interested in Materials Processing Technology, please note that a good knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry is required if you want to successfully complete your studies.


Registration for the Open Path opens at 9 am on Thursday, 1 August 2019 and closes at 3 pm on Thursday, 8 August 2019.

You may register for only one programme. There is a limited number of places in each programme:

If more people register for a programme than there are places, the places are filled by drawing lots.  We will by e-mail contact everyone who is offered a place at the Open Path. You have to confirm that you accept the place offered to you. If somebody does not accept the offered place, we will offer it to the next person on the list (as determined by the draw).

Please note that you may study at the Open Path during one academic year only. If you do not meet the criteria for becoming a degree student at the end of the year, you may not continue on the Open Path of the same programme, or re-register in another year. However, you may register for the Open Path of another programme. We recommend that you thoroughly consider your possibilities to study full-time before you decide to register for the Open Path.


If you have started studying at Arcada’s Open Path in August 2018, you may not register for the Open Path of the same programme. However, you may register for the Open Path of another programme.

You may not study at the Open Path if you have degree student status at Arcada. If you are a degree student, please contact us immediately after submitting your registration to the Open Path. Do not terminate your degree studies before we have confirmed that you will get at place at the Open Path.

Tuition fee

As an Open Path student you pay a fee of 400 € per academic year. The fee is paid in two instalments, 200 €/term. The tuition fee includes registration, tuition and examinations. In some courses, other course-specific costs for materials, supplies and excursions can be collected.

Please note that you will have to pay the tuition fee for the autumn term of you accept the place on the Open Path even if you never start your studies.

If you do not want to pay the tuition fee for the spring semester, you must notify us by 15 January 2020 that you do not intend to continue your studies at the Open Path.

Please note that after completing the Open Path you may have to pay the tuition fee for degree students if you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA country. Information on the tuition fees for degree studies is available here  and information on who is required to pay is available on

Social benefits for students

Open Studies are not classified as full-time studies, which means that Open Path students are not entitled to the social benefits of a full-time studies, such as student financial aid from Kela or the health care services offered at Arcada. Students on Arcada’s Open Path may, however, use the services of the study psychologist and the study counsellor.

Visas and residence permits

International students who need a visa or residence permit to stay in Finland should be aware that participating in Open Studies will not necessarily entitle a foreign citizen to get an entry visa or residence permit. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Services.

Contact details

Open Path
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phone: 0207 699 699 (switchboard)
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