Individual Open studies give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge in subjects you have a strong interest in. If you want to expand your knowledge, learn a new subject, language or want to get a feel for studying (BA and/or MA) at a university of applied sciences – Individual Open Studies courses might be just the opportunity for you.

It is possible to study while working. The education takes place in the daytime as well as in the evenings in the form of lectures, exercises, project work, distance learning and exams.

Please note that Individual Open Studies is first and foremost aimed at those who are interested in a select number of courses. If your goal is to become a degree student at Arcada in the future, you should instead take a closer look at Open Path studies. You cannot, for example, partake in work practice or write your thesis within the scope of Individual Open Studies courses, which means that it is not possible to complete an entire ‎degree.

A wide selection of courses

You can choose from all the standard courses offered at Arcada. Detailed information of the courses, such as timetable, location, syllabuses, prerequisites, learning outcomes, credits, didactic solutions and literature can be found in Arcada’s Study Guide at There you will also find the registration periods for the courses.

It is your own responsibility to create your own schedule, according to the courses’ timetables and requirements.