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Master's studies at Arcada

Degree Programmes

The modern labour market is developing at a faster and faster pace, and our need to continuously grow and develop in our professional roles has never been greater. Do you need to update your know-how and competences? Or are you aiming at a leadership position or a job in the field of research and development?

A Master’s degree from a university of applied sciences is suitable for those already involved in the world of work who wish to deepen and broaden their professional skills and work in leadership roles or with change or development tasks.

To be eligible to apply to a Master’s degree programme, you need a suitable Bachelor’s degree followed by at least three years of work experience in the field in question.

In the labour market, a Master’s degree from a university of applied sciences is equal to a Master’s degree from a university. If you have a Master’s degree and wish to continue your academic career, you can apply for licentiate or doctoral studies at university level.

Arcada’s Master’s degree programmes can be completed as either full or part time studies (with the exception of Big Data Analytics, which is only offered as full-time studies). The degree programmes consist of either 60 or 90 ECTS credits, which means that they can be completed in around 1–1½ years as full-time studies or 2–2½ years as part-time studies. Assignments in many courses as well as the Master’s thesis can be tailored to suit your employer’s development needs.

All master's degree programmes offered in English are web-based, but also include lectures, workshops and seminars. Scheduled teaching mainly takes place after 4 pm on weekdays and between 9 am and 5 pm on Saturdays, which makes it possible to study alongside a full-time job. All master's degree programmes offered in Swedish are arranged completely online.


Arcada’s Master’s degree programmes in English

Arcada’s Master’s degree programmes in Swedish

Master’s level courses

Acquire new skills and increase your competitiveness through Master’s level courses and specialisation studies


Open UAS courses

Arcada’s Open UAS offers you opportunities to broaden and deepen your know-how by participating in individual courses. You can choose courses from the study plans of our degree programmes, and thanks to study sessions taking place both during daytime and in the evenings, you can study alongside your job. Should you apply to the corresponding degree programme at a later stage, the courses you have already completed will, of course, be recognised.

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Further education/Specialisation studies

Arcada Further Education offers education and courses for mature students in Swedish, Finnish and English. The courses are planned in cooperation with representatives from the world of work to ensure that they meet the needs of the modern labour market. Arcada also offers training courses and tailored courses for companies and organisations.

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Specialisation studies

We also offer specialisation studies consisting of more extensive course packages in various fields.

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Three reasons to choose Arcada


1. Widen your network

The opportunity to widen your professional network is one of the great advantages of studying at Arcada. Regardless of whether you choose a shorter course or a Master’s degree programme, you will come into contact with like-minded people in both your own and other fields, participate in joint courses and gain valuable new perspectives and insights. You will also have the opportunity to make contact with leading academics and representatives of businesses and organisations through regular guest lectures and projects organised in cooperation with the world of work.

2. Flexible studies

Regardless of where you are in working life, and how much time you have for studies, Arcada has an option for you. All of our Master’s degree programmes can be combined with work. Short courses give you valuable skills and are, of course, recognised if you apply to the corresponding degree programme in the future.

3. Research and development

At Arcada, we conduct applied research that is relevant to the world we live in. If something is ‘made in Arcada’, it is created with a focus on societal impact, to help us come to grips with the challenges that our society, the public sector and the business world are facing. Research and development are important parts of all of our degree programmes. For instance, your Master’s thesis can be tailored to meet your employer’s development needs.