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Arcada Further Education

Keep your competences up to date!

As the labour market continues to develop it might seem challenging to keep your competences up to date. The basis for Arcada Further Education is that professional growth and widening the horizons in your professional role should feel rewarding, and at the same time be as efficient as possible.  

Arcada Further Education is giving high quality education for adult professionals having a bachelor degree or college degree and relevant working experience. Further education is arranged primarily within Arcada’s own fields of education, i.e. technology, ITC, media, commerce, tourism, languages, health care, and social work. 

Arcada Further Education has a special expertise in patient safety based on simulation-based learning. We take great pride in having developed The Arcada Patient Safety and Learning Center (APSLC), one of Finland's first simulation centres. The learning center is specialized in emergency treatment and emergency care, both in- and prehospital. 

When planning courses, Arcada Further Education takes advantage of the expertise of Arcada’ s teaching staff as well as that of outside experts and consultants from the business sector and public sector.

We also arrange conferences, seminars, and tailor-make educations for companies on demand.

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Courses and education

Please note that most of the courses enlisted below are held in either Finnish or Swedish. The courses in bold are held in English.
IT, Communication and Technology

The Health- and Social Sector

Hematologisen hoitotyön täydennyskoulutus (30 op)
IBD-potilaan hoitotyön täydennyskoulutus (30 op)
EuSim simulaatio-ohjaajan peruskurssi

Business and Administration

Serveringspasset (Alkoholpasset)

Specialisation studies



Stig Blomqvist, M.Soc.Sc.

Further Education Planner

+358 294 282 501


Marika Blomster, M.Sc. (Health Care)

Further Education Planner

+ 358 294 282 505