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Combine your sports career with flexible studies

Arcada encourages elite athletes to get an education alongside their careers in sports – and the door is open regardless of what degree programme they have chosen.

Since 2003, Arcada is a proud member of the Urhea sports academy. The academy’s mission is to support athletes in their pursuit to combine top-level sports with studies and everyday life, and to develop the training facilities in the Helsinki region.

Elite athlete students at Arcada will get help with flexibly combining their studies with their sports careers, for instance through individual student counselling in cooperation with their coach, aiming to make the studies as flexible as possible. Arcada also offers training facilities on or close to its own campus. Arcada is committed to being flexible and understanding of elite athlete students’ schedules, absences and training needs.

Elite athletes can apply for membership in Urhea and thereby gain access to the support that the academy offers. Learn more about Urhea at

Would you like to know more about how Arcada supports its top athletes? Contact:

Joachim Ring, Physiotherapist (MSc)
Degree Programme Director, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
tel. 0294 282 425