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Bachelor's studies at Arcada

Close contacts with working life

Through close co-operation with working life, your theoretical knowledge is converted to practical skills even while you study and you also get real contact with the working life. 

It is not just during the practice periods that you get into contact with working life. In many courses, you work with real projects with both domestic and international businesses as principals.

Many also write their exams for an external organization. It is also common that the student go abroad for their practice periods, which even opens up for the international labour market.

Beyond Arcada's experts, we often invite representatives from the working life as guest lecturers and inspirators to inform about the latest news within their area of expertise. Even the college's own alumni act as guest lecturers and mentors for our students.

Campaign planning with Pepsi

In the course Conceptual Thinking within online media (one of the directions within the education in media culture), the students last spring planned a campaign project for Pepsi Max. The purpose was that the students as a group were to learn to work with a concept and develop ideas from a brief provided by a principal to well thought through units ready to be sold to a customer. 


Valuable experience from K-fair

Trade fairs are particularly good occasions to make contact with the working life and to open up for the latest news and break-throughs within various fields. This autumn, the engineer students from Arcadia visited the trade fair K-fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The fair is one of Europe's largest within the plastics and rubber industry and the students got the chance to network with experts from all parts of the world.


School Action Day in Alberga

To be able to meet experts within their own field of expertise is important, but it is also extremely instructive to find yourself in the position where you are the expert! During the European athletes' week, our athletes' instructor students organised a popular event in Alberga for children and youngsters and shared their expertise. The best part of the day? The students were given the responsibility to plan the event from beginning to end. 

School Action Day

Expedition Arcada – a memory for life

Expedition Arcada really put our students to the test. It was up to the 45 participating students from all our educations to plan and carry out an expedition where the wheelchair user and athlete Aron Andersson and the adventurer Pata Degerman climbed a more than 300 meters vertical rock wall in the French Alps and spent two nights strapped in a suspended tent among the rocks. The result? A success - naturally.

Expedition Arcada

Eyetracking with Paulig

It is self evident that it is not only the students who take advantage of close co-operation with businesses. In turn, the businesses get important input and new angles of approach. A nice example are the Eyetracking studies that the students have carried out for companies like the coffee, spices and food manufacturer Paulig. By measuring how the visitors behave on their homepage, they learned black on white how they would be able to fine tune their presence on the web.


Inspiration and important know-how with Mirum

To take broad studies in entrepreneurship is a popular alternative among our students, irrespective of which area they study. Last year, the study year started with a visit to the marketing agency Mirum in Rödbergen where the 120 participating students got the chance to learn to know some of Finland's most prominent marketing experts and get important tips and pieces of advise.

Mirum 2