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Bachelor's studies at Arcada

Tuition fees for Bachelor's degree studies at Arcada

All Finnish higher education institutions have implemented tuition fees for degrees taught in English.

Arcada collects the following tuition fee for Bachelor level programmes:

  • International Business 8 500 euros/academic year
  • Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering  8 500 euros/academic year
  • Nursing 5 000 euros/academic year


Who is required to pay?

The fee applies to applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area. The first payment is always done per academic year, in one instalment. The first payment needs to be paid when you accept your study place, after that it's done along´side the registration for the academic year.

There are however exemptions that can free a non-European/EEA citizen from paying the fee. For example, the fee will not be charged from persons who are equated with EU area citizens. The exemption will also apply to those who have a continuous or permanent residence permit in Finland, or an EU blue card stated in the Aliens Act. If you are unsure as to whether you need to pay or not, please see this guide on Studyinfo.

Early bird offer

Arcada offers an early bird offer to fee-paying student. The early bird offer may be given to a student who bindingly accepts a study place offer within 14 days.  The tuition fee of such a student is reduced by 4 000 € for the first academic year. The early bird offer does not apply to the degree programme in Nursing.  Other restrictions may also apply.


We also offer scholarships at the Bachelor level. The scholarship covers a maximum of up to 50 per cent of the tuition fee. Based on his or her study achievements, the paying student can be granted a scholarship starting from his or her second year at Arcada.  To be eligible for a scholarship, a student needs to complete 60 ECTS credits during the academic year.

Please read more about the payment of tuition fees.