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Bachelor's studies at Arcada

Where theory and practice meet

A red cord that runs through all of Arcada's educational activity is that studies are not only about reading, they are also about doing. You will gain experience from working life both back home as well as abroad during your studies at Arcada.

A great advantage related to a professionally oriented exam is that work experience is included in it. This gives you the opportunity to get a clear idea of the working life that is waiting even while you study, create contacts and feel assured about your knowledge and skills from the day you receive your diploma.

At Arcada, we also want to offer as realistic training environments as possible for you to practice in. Theory has a natural place in the education, but just as important is to test and develop the knowledge in a safe and encouraging environment.

There is a great number of laboratory facilities and special rooms for our students, teachers and researchers to work in. There are for example language laboratories and chemistry labs, music and art rooms, electric and network laboratories and a movement analysis hall.

Arcada's Patient Safety and Learning Centre

Arcada's Patient Safety and Learning Centre (APSLC) is among the best in the country, and for student nurses and emergency student nurses, the simulation training in the centre makes for golden moments. The equipment in the patient safety centre includes a life-like patient simulator with voice, body functions and breathing, a robot controlled infant simulator and a patient simulator that is able to give birth.


The production laboratory

Arcada's plastic engineers train in a machine laboratory that simulates a plastic factory in miniature. As a student, you are given the opportunity to train through the whole process from the mechanics of the materials and product planning to the manufacturing of plastic products. The plastic laboratory is equipped with all the vital machines that are used within the plastics industry.



The energy laboratory

Arcada's modern energy laboratory gives the students the opportunity to train their skills and work with new innovations in a realistic environment. In the laboratory, you can test and analyse how various materials absorb and reflect solar radiation. In the laboratory, there are also measuring instruments for energy saving houses and energy technologies.


The Multi Hall

In the media wing, you will find the so-called Multi Hall, a TV and photo studio. As a student, you have at your disposal a broadcasting room, a recording studio and an editing room where the material is cut and edited. One floor up, you will also find fully equipped computer rooms where our students of online media work.


eBusiness Lab

The research group ARBIT (Applied Research in Business and IT) at Arcada has built up a modern development and training environment, an eBusiness Lab, where the students can develop and test their business ideas in a realistic environment. Together with the business community, teachers and researchers develop the students' digital services and products for businesses.



Arcada's enterprise oasis, Oasis

Arcada has a special focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, that in particular is demonstrated in our enterprise haven, Oasis. Oasis is closely linked to the courses in entrepreneurship and fills even an important function as a meeting place. The doors are always open and here, you are welcome with all questions related to entrepreneurship and business. The activity is a so-called "out of class" activity, which means that it is not a part of the ordinary studies. This is where the enthusiasts and those who are very keen to be come entrepreneurs come.