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Bachelor's studies at Arcada

Three reasons to choose Arcada




1. Where theory and practice meet

What do we at Arcada want to achieve? To give you the best qualifications to succeed in your future career, of course. And we know that the best way to achieve these qualifications is to offer study programmes that focus on theory as well as practice.

To read is important. To do is also important. It is therefore that you as a student spend a great part of your studies in the field and in our realistic training environments. It is only when you have converted what you have read into practical skills that you really can feel assured in your future position.

2. Close contact with the working life

Work in projects with businesses and organisations

Imagine your period of study where you will receive both valuable knowledge and skills - at the same time as you can add interesting projects and co-operation to your CV. As an Arcada student, you will, even as early as during your education, roll up your sleeves and work together with leading businesses and organisations.

In step with the growth of your knowledge and skills, you will take on more and more challenging projects, get invaluable work experience and who knows - may be it is thanks to a project work that you make contact with your future employer?

3. International Arcada

Expand your horizons - both at home and abroad.

The world shrinks. The labour market is steadily becoming more and more international for every year and for you who is open to new perspectives and experiences, this entails that the opportunities are unlimited!

Did you know that your may hear 40 different languages spoken in our corridors and that our students go for exchange programmes, participate in projects and take courses all over the world?

Where do you want to go, what do you want to accomplish and what are you waiting for?