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U-value meter

Arcada U-value meter and real estate energy

Products and services

Arcada offers three forms of services. The measurement service provides a trained expert that arrives to the agreed building and conducts U-value metering and associated measurements. You can also rent instrument cases from a single day to a whole heating season. Please note that successful i.e. correctly conducted rapid U-value metering requires full understanding of various physical parameters influencing thermal status of any measurement position. Solid foundation for precise measurements can be gained by taking our training for rapid U-value metering. It covers essentials of the over procedure.




Contact information

Mikael Paronen

Mikael Paronen

Head of innovation

+358 207 699 451


  • General conditions: according to The Technical Traders’ General Terms and Conditions for Machine Rental and Related Services (TK Konevuokraus 2016 EN)
  • Rental period: according to agreement: it can vary from a day to a full heating season
  • Reservation of instruments for a certain period not possible – we reserve instruments for a customer upon signing of the rental agreement which in turn depends on the availability of instruments.
  • Instrument are tested both before and after each rental period and associated to this we include a test report in the instrument cases. The most important detail in this report is on validation of functionality and precision- U-value metering tests on standard walls (U-values of 0.31 and 1.01 W/K*m2)
  • Rental price for an instrument case depends on the contents of the instrument case and duration of the rental period. For detailed prices kindly contact us. Rental price of the complete case and rental period lasting for a full season is starting from 4000 €.
  • Rental conditions and rental agreement: contact us.


Standard rental cases

Intro case

  • 5 U-value meters
  • Wind speed meter
  • Solar intensity meter
  • Construction detector

Standard rental cases

  • 10 U-value meters
  • Solar intensity meter
  • Wind speed meter
  • Construction detector

Additional instruments and accessories are optional


Measurement services


Service alternatives for measurements

  • Energy diagnosis
  • Quality control of refurbishment or new building
  • U-value measurements for selected building elements
  • Survey associated to moisture problems
  • True values for energy performance certificate
  • Planning values for refurbishment or retrofitting
  • Problems with heating power



Commercial training package on rapid U-value metering:

  • Duration of the training: 2+1 days
  • Price: 1800 € per person + VAT for training in Helsinki; for other locations price on request.
  • Customer tailored training packages and demos possible: price on request and upon having information on the preferred scopes


MSc in Real Estate Energy

MSc program in Real estate energy is essentially associated with rapid U-value metering. More information on the contents and applying to this program is found on Arcada’s website.