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Shuhua Liu

Shuhua Liu, Phd in Information Systems (Business Intelligence)

Senior Research Fellow

+358 50 466 54 86


"Experienced researcher in AI and NLP applications, clustering and classification models for social media and web content analysis with different applications (business, economics, healthcare, cyber security). "


Shuhua Liu holds a Phd in Information Systems (Business Intelligence). She has led and participated in national and regional research projects funded by Academy of Finland, Tekes, CNSF (Chinese Natural Science Foundation)and Katumetro, and has collaborated with research partners locally and internationally, in industry and in academia.

Liu's research interests are centered on AI, NLP, intelligent information systems and advanced analytics. 


Liu, S. & Jansson P. (2017). City Event Detection from Social Media with Neural Embeddings and Topic Model Visualisation.

IWSC 2017 the 3rd International Workshop on Smart Cities: People, Technology, and Data, in conjunction with IEEE BigData 2017, December 11, 2017, Boston, MA, USA.